“Learning to love again takes time, patience and courage along with a proven pathway to follow that provides you with the ability to connect, communicate and co-create with the higher vibrations of light.”


We all have the same fundamental need – the need for Love.  By reaching out and consciously growing our connection with Earth and all her natural tribes, learning to work with the ancient teachers of Earth and all that they have to offer, we open ourselves to a deeper enduring and permanent connection to love and enable our own ability to rekindle our connection with our own soul, spirit and heart. To heal. From there – we learn to protect and then, to serve. 

 As our focus  becomes more and more dependent on technology, convenient living and immediate gratification, we  lose connection with the natural ways of being human, being responsible and our birthright as guardians and protectors of earth,  caring about our  self and  each other. 

We have lost our natural ability to trust our senses, our sentient, feeling self. 

We are experiencing more illness in the world and in the workplace than every before.

Everywhere I go, people are craving for connection with purpose, love, healing, restoration of balance, work life balance, health, and yet they ignore the one thing that is the most powerful teacher of them all.

They are looking to find a new ‘centre’ to their lives that enables them to FEEL alive, connected and making a difference in the world. As humans, we WANT our lives and our work to be meaningful, to know that what we are doing matters and that we can actually make a difference in this world by what we do in our lives and our businesses.

My work as a spiritual director, artist and teacher pushes the envelope in both private and professional capacity to ensure that you are open to learning to truly express the depth and power of your truth, to connect, communicate and co-create with the higher light of Creation so you can embody the being you are, live the life you WANT to live and create the difference in your own world.

“Love emerges from within like a radiant star filled with light and hope. It guides our path and brings us home to itself like a star in the midnight sky – gently beckoning, calling, entrancing and constant.


Ever present, it becomes the one thing we can trust, can align with and become more of. It shines and reflects, encourages and speaks in its own way through our lives, our actions, our soul and spirit calling us ever closer home.”

Love is the answer. Life is the journey.
Learning is what we do to remember.