The journey to loving self again is a 5 stage process that leads you from uncaring about yourself through to learning to reconnect with Pure Love and all of Life.

A couple of years ago my medical professional offered me a prescription to ‘get me through’ a few weeks. He said to me “what do you have to lose by taking these tablets?”.

My response was simple. Everything. If I took the tablets, I would be ‘failing’ MYSELF because I knew how amazingly happy I was when I was doing the work I loved to do and I knew how far away from that I had walked to pay the bills. I needed to be living a different life than what I was. I KNEW that I had work to do that most people may never understand and I was too afraid to do it because I was afraid of what other people would say and how weird they would think I was.

I retracted that far into myself that I only had a choice to make. I could either leave the planet or do what I KNEW in my deepest being that I needed to do for myself regardless of what other people thought.

I’m not telling you this to depress you.

I’m sharing this to give you hope and remind us all, that we have choices. That if you make space to listen to yourself that you can find the way forward, and you can rebuild your lives. No matter where you are on other peoples poles of what you should or shouldn’t do. But most of all, the number one thing you can do, is take the first step and make YOUR SELF Your priority. Second, work out what you love to and start. Even if its a buggers muddle to begin with, you will start to feel the change in your energy as You Take Your Power Back. Third – make a plan. Doesnt need to be huge, but a weekly plan of what you will do that moves your body, moves your mind and replaces the story and habit and gets you closer to who you know you are, or who you want to be. The Life YOU want to create. Accept that you are going to have bad days, they are a real part of your recovery of yourself, and most of all, know that you are loved because beyond the obsession with technology and tv, and games and all AI we live with today, Mother Goddess is still there. Every day she greets you, every day she opens herself to you and every day a love like you can only imagine right now is right here in front of you – and the more you open to her love, her truth, her wisdom, the more your life will become the work of art you want it to be. I say to you this – You are loved, You are brilliant and you Matter. And if you need a hug – open your heart and it will be there. I LOVE you. All you have to do is be willing and she will lead the way. Trust your inner being and know that you can be exactly who you want to be. And all you have to do, is believe… and trust.