“I see You” she said.

“I see you, each and every one of you. I see your light, I see your joy, I see your essence,  I see your powers of recovery from where you have come from and I see how amazing you are.  I do what I can to give you love, to give you lessons to help you grow, to help you evolve the way you said you wanted to, and still you ignore me and pretend I don’t exist.  I see your light, your love, your birthright to shine strong and powerful like the radiant being you are and still you persist on being small, to hide your magnificence and be less than you are.

I see you.  Each and every one of you. And I say to you this. You are Me. You are meant to remember your joyfulness, you are here to learn and grow.  All around I plant clues, signs and examples and you bury yourself in your technology. 

All around is the wonder of the universe, the most powerful forms of life there are on this planet and you mine, harvest, take and give less than nothing back.

And still I give.

When dear ones, when will you see that you are me? When will you become as me and learn to give before you take?  When will you see that no amount of searching for life form on other planets will enable you to heal the damage you have done on your own?

I breech, I heave, I thunder, cleanse and clear, I shift my energy to move what you are doing and clog my water, you pollute my air, you kill the source of life that very thing that is designed to love and support you.

The time has come to stand alone, to change the projectile you are sending us on.

You are the Guardians, YOU are the caretakes of this resource you call  home.

You are here for a reason, awaken your soul, ignite your fire and passion, and learn to care what happens to you and to me.

Eloah – Earth Mother.