“If you give me the pen I will write it for/with you”  she said….

In todays world we spend a lot of time loking down. Looking down at mobile phone screens, looking down at the floor, down at each other and even worse, down at ourselves.

We have a remarkable rate of reported depression, suicide and other physical and non physical ‘issues’ and illnesses.

So today I am going to invite you to change the habit and look up and Lean UP.

Look up at the others around you and find what they are doing well, being good at, excelling or exceeding at. And some days that’s as simple as keeping going when all they want to do is give up. And that goes for you too.

Look up at the sky and remind yourself you are part of something amazing. When you get impatient and frustrated, walk outside and look up.  Remind yourself that Nature is what YOU are.  YOU are and act of pure Nature, pure creation.   You are as amazing as the sky, the trees, the sunrise or sunset.  Slow your pace to match the clouds and watchh ow they change shpae simply to create movmement and keep moving with the influences UP there. 

Look up and see the stars in the sky and know yuo are as brllliant as they are and like them you have your own unqiue and powerful light to shine.

The LEAN – Upwards.

Lean UP into the Creator, the wonder maker, the artist of all.  Give youirself permission to Reach UP an ask for help – whatever you need.

Lean UP into the arms of teh Angel and their love, and be willing to recieve whatever you are ready to receive that day.

Lean Deeply into the Wisdom of the Universe and kow that it is the one thing you can trust – it may not always give you what you want, but it will always give you what you need.

You are a Brilliant, Beautiful, magnificent child of the Universe, a soul on a journey of discovery so open your heart and let the new body of your being emerge. 

Do it now – ther is no other time.  There is only now.

You are ready to emege, You are ready to shine,

Love and Bless