Star Walker stood in her own space, her feet planted deeply in the sand. The cast of the moons light followed its own path, an almost direct silver gossamer bridge to earth upon which she could travel.

This night, on the eve of the new moon, she stood quiet, soft and strong in her space and opened the Sacred Veils to her home land. 

“Great Star Mother I welcome you into my being.

Star Self I welcome you into my being

I raise now my vibrational frequency and welcome you into my light source

I call now my light source into my being and body

I unify myself and integrate myself with the highest form of Light Source for My Being.

I awaken my light body

I raise myself to you

I choose to find the higher path in light

I choose to accept generosity

I choose to accept purification

I choose to remove excess density

I choose to find a way forward for myself

I choose to experience freedom

I choose to align myself with my Star Seed Self

To bring all of that knowledge and awaken that knowledge

Whatever that knowledge is,  the journey must be of worth

The Journey must be of worth or there is no point in doing it.

It must take proper shape and form

I choose to align my vibrational frequency with my Star Seed Soul.

The aspect and dimension I choose to embrace is my Pure Star Self.

That this light may shine from within me

Like a pure source of light

Like the wisdom of the ages

That it may activate and trigger the light within others

That this light sheds it’s light on my true destiny, my true path, my true calling”

Subtly the energy changed within her…. and the voice within her body changed to the now familiar voice of the Rising Goddess – strong, filled with power and grace. 

Whether they be light bearers, light workers, earth warriors within their own right, rainbow, indigo, crystal or other children of All Light

I now call on all Tribes of Light to gather their arms of Light, Strength and Courage

I now call on all Tribes of Light

From wherever they have walked

From whatever path they are walking

Whichever safe place they have hidden themselves

For fear of retribution, for fear of relegation, isolation or exile.

For fear of being burnt at the stake, for fear of what other people will say.

I now call those Light Workers, those Light Beings, those Warriors of LIght 

I call you now into service.

I call you into Beingness

I call you into Remembering

I trigger and activate your remembrance for your true destiny of your true birthright.

Of what it was you came here to do.

I trigger and activate your deepest yearniing from your inner being, from the heart of your heart centre, from your true space of wisdom.

For you to learn to stand in your true power

For you to learn to take Arms of Peace.  Armed with peace, armed with Truth, Armed with Justice, Armed with Equality, Amred with Wisdom.

Armed……with LOVE.

I call you now into being, I call you now to stand and rise

From wherever you have hidden and whereever you have moved yourself into smallness.

I call you now back into your Greatness.

I call you now into your Greatness in order.

For you to become part of the Rising Tribes of LIght

Those rising tribes who will work here on Earth

To help craft and shape our future as a planet.

Whose work is here to craft and shape our future as a humanity

That is not entrenched in the ages of old,but is embellished by the Values of Old,

The values you know from inside your body that come from deep within the Goddess of Earth

That come from deep and afar out in the Universe and Galaxies and the Skies.

Those Visions of Your Self, those values that hold you strong and true in your being.

Those values of truth and integrity to your sense of WHO you are, not what you have become as a byproduct of the patriachal domination.

Not what you have become in the hands of other peoples judgement

Not what you have become in the hands of the religions of earth.

I call you now the Witches, the Warlocks

I call you now the Fairy & the Fae,

I call you now the Druids & Druidess

I call you now the Masters of the Universe

I call you now the Spirit of the Trees

I call you now the Earth Angels

The rocks and the Water Spirits too

I call you the now the Great Masters of the Sky

And the Eagle that Fly

I call you all into being

I call you into being for the purpose of the Greatest Journey of Earth

And that  is the revolution of evolution

The revolution of change

The Ascension of Our consiousness

The moving and removal of the debris

Of the scum that crafts its way aroaund this earth with its greed, its intolerance, and its judgement.

I call you now into being for the sake of the Goodness of the World

For the sake of Generosity

For the sake of Wellness.

For the sake of Equality

For the sake of Love.

I call you now from whever you have hidden yourselves in your caves; your buildings, your highrises and underground places too.

I call you.

I see you whever you hide

I see your beingness, I see your fear and I smell it from afar.

But I say to you this dear ones, the gentle tribes of light

Warriors you may be.

Rise Now, craft your tools, sharpen your swords of Light and Truth, Hone your sickles of the Moon

Sharpen the edges of your StarLIght and pull your Self pure and  strong out from where you have been and  Rise Up.

Rise Up like you have never dreamed possible to Rise before.

And give your Self the Blessing of this lifetime 

Give yourself permission to be all that you truly came here to be on this earth.

Shatter your clay bodies, shatter, smash remove the boundaries and limitations that keep you shackled in the past and Fly

Fly however you can.

Fly over water, through water, in the earth, into the clay, through the mud.

Move, shift, shimmer, shake however you can and create the rising.

Move shift shimmer and shake however you can and create the rising.

For it is the Rising, it is the rising and the moving of the energy of the Goddess that now calls upon you to rise your energy.

And through her Goddess Self, through her pure beingness Self, and all the manifestations of her Being

She will work with you.

The Tribes will work with you when you learn to work with them through your Authentic Beingness Self.

Love is the Answer, Life is the Journey.

Call yourself now into Being.

Call yourself above and beyond all else, 

Beyond all that you have already been and command yourself to rise into the power of commitment and your commitment to excellence, your commitment to being the Warrior you came here to be, the Lightworker you came here to be, that unleashes the pure most amazing force on earth that there could possibly be on earth at this time.

The commitmet to the  pure and unadulterated 

The commitmet to the Power of Love.

To the power of Love. To the Force and the Source of Love and all of its Beingness.

Call this now into your being.

I will be with you, You are Me,

Blessings this Day

Eloah Earth Mother