The star maiden took her place on the stage and softly the lights changed and dimmed leaving the massive hall in beautiful serene darkness. the audience rustled and shifted, stopped and sat silent waiting for her to appear like the Goddess she was known to be.

On stage, she stood strong, gentle and firm. She raised her arms and face to the heavens above and and from deep within her being she softly breathed into her internal light. She welcomed the ancient ancestors into the sacred space she had opened, and then proceeded to amplify the portals and gateways to the source. Ever so gently a new light began to glow, to glimmer, to radiate outward from the centre of her being.

Tenderly….she began to speak with a deep lustrous resonant voice that gently vibrated through the bodies of the audience.

“Light, divine spark, incandescent illumination, powerful radiance and beingness of all that you are. This is your wisdom this is your time. I am not different from you – I am the same. I come from star people that have inhabited the earth for eons and worked and walked beside you in all phases of your evolution, I am mother, I am sister, I am friend. I am guide and I am your deepest fear, your greatest dream. Open your hearts, open your bodies, receive the love you seek for it is the journey that you crave to follow. In footsteps you will find the true identity of your WHO, and give voice to your own true light. The Light of the World lives within you – will you stand in its way and hold it back, or will you make way for its true emergence. Remove the veils, lift the shrouds, light workers, light bearers, whatever your work, open to your calling. Open your sacred heart mind, illuminate your being with the highest light you can, the source of love, the power of the sacred ones. You know who you are because you call me to your Being every day in some way. Step through the ways of the past and move yourself fully into the vibration of your own unique star seed and know that you will be fully supported. Know you will led to your true destiny and that the world awaits your beauty when you are willing to let it shine and I mean truly shine. Open, align and alight – alight yourself with the sacred flame of the eternal life and light giver and forever know your world will filled with love, hope and peace. Do it now. There is no other time. There is only now. Be generous, be free. After all, You are Me.