Spiritual Intelligence has for centuries been limited to the realms of the philosophers, visionaries, clairvoyants and religions but consider this. What if  – every day people like you and me, could learn to access the power of that intelligence and learn a whole new way to live our lives?

What if we could actually turn our lives and what we are doing on it’s head, and start again, and actually put ourselves as individuals at the centre of our world and then learn to create our lives from the inside out?

And what if we could actaully connect with nature and embody all that it has to teach? 

What if we (you and me) could  connect with a higher intelligence – to access a different way of thinking, to create a new perspective in our lives. 

What if, we actually could communicate with the unseen and then learn to follow the promptings, signs and signals  that we  were given and get out of our own way long enough for that guidance to actually take effect?

And what if we had a dream so big and so clear that we leapt out of bed every morning with a clear commitment to making that happen in whatever way – we could that day?

Or, we had such a different point of view to everyone else, that we actually had to find new people to hang out with because we got tired of being the same as everyone else?

Reality is – we can.

For 20 plus years I have studied, written and worked with people just like you (&me) who are doing what they can to make their dreams come true. And every day I come back to some simple basic foundation principles which I have included for you in a self assessment below so you can begin to work it out for yourself.

You are Amazing – I am sure about that because I can see past your life and your traumas and see your shining spirit and soul, the power of your goodness from here like lights shining in the midnight sky!!  So I say to you this …. start. Just print this off, pick up your pencil and start.  Start on the back of an envelope, on a scrap of paper, on a doodle pad. Makes no difference where you start – just do it!

No matter where you are on the journey of self discovery, or what you are calling it, or who you are talking to the bottom line is the same for all of us.  We simply need to start somewhere and most often when we do, the universe or whatever you want to call it will step in, pick you up and help you fly.

Love is the answer, life is the journey and it all happens one step at a time – take it!

Love and Bless