“What is Spiritual Intelligence?” I asked

“An interesting question you pose today dear one.  The power to access your infinite wisdom and that of the universe lies within you. In order to learn to listen, to feel that sacred voice first you must learn to depart from the conventional ways of thinking and learn to see, think and feel for yourself.

You must learn to become the encumbent of the teachings, to feel and observe the ways of nature as your learning tools, the ways of the ocean, the sea, the earth and sky – all parts of me.

You learn to engage with me and you, and see beyond the limitation of what you currently know and step onto the bridge of light to another world.

 A world that is filled with love, joy, happiness – beauty, unecombered by the negativity of your world, to reach into a new source of knowledge that enables you to remember (re-member) your SELF as one of the tribes of light who came here to learn, to teach to emerge out the other side of density and move in a different way.

To trust your heart, to see with love, to depart from the past, learn from it you must.

Paint yourself gold, green, and blue, any colour any hue, as long as it love it you do. 

And so to the real question of SQ – the balance line between spirit, self and space, strategy & shape, structure and source.

The creation of harmonious unification of all the best aspects of self and source in one sacred vessel. You.

You are me & I am you.