Love of earth, love of all creatures. love of people. love of life. Love that knows no boundaries, no constraints and certainly no limitations. Love that invokes a unique sense of wisdom, clarity and unification of all aspects of self.

Love that unites, grows and enables individuals businesses and corporations to wake up and realise the reality of their choices, decision, behaviours and actions.

Love that gives itself because it carries the light the pure incandescent light of all creation.

“I am not God” she said. “I am Earth. I carry you because you came. You came as part of a project, a plan, an ideal, a cosmic story crafted and woven by the master weavers, the cosmic moths, the flames and creation makers.

Mythology has its place, and so to do dreams but life and love are precious just as mine is precious to me.

I give you myself regularly and effortlessly and take of me relentlessly. I Give you my light, my love my energy andyou take my resources. I give you my joy my sunshine my rain and you harvest, pull and gain.

But what now mankind – and woman too. What more can I do for you?”