Paintings for You

If you are looking for fine art,

don’t come here.

It’s tribal.

It’s earthy.

It’s childlike.

It’s power lies in its deep connections
with earth, light, sky, water, fire, air and spirit.

It’s full of sacred earth craft.

It speaks volumes about our world, our society and calls to your inner tribal authentic being, not who you have become as a by-product of your upbringing.

Walk away.

Scoff if you need to.

Turn up your nose.

Then Stop.

Turn around and look again.

Start feeling from the inside out.

I mean, really feeling.

See what you really see.

Open your senses, shut up your chattering mind and let yourself explore.



Painting Leads Me

A Self Taught Painter and freelance artist gives me the scope and ability to work unencumbered by the traditional rules. The work ’emerges’ in its own right often with layers and layers of story added to any one canvas in order to bring the depth and energy to it that I need.  It teaches, guides and builds a new vocabulary as I learn to connect, share and express the energy and sense of right balance that is right for ME and what I am feeling it needs/wants to say.

If you would like more information about the sizes and pricing please email me; or call me on +64 21 2579 249