Light School

Welcome to the Light School

The Light School has been developed and crafted over the last 20 years – to provide you with the foundations for your own growth and development as a Light Worker, Light Warrior or become a Light Master.

It is based on a real life healing journey and includes elements of all the teachings and different experiences gained on the journey.

The modules have been designed to provide a 5 step change process through which you work, listen, grow and hone your own unique style and processes to give you the confidence, courage and certainty of your own abilities.

Not all light workers end up in traditional healing or creative arts roles.  Many of us ‘temper our sword’ in the workplace, learn our craft in some exceptional circumstances or life events. And only after we have assimilated that experience and the impact it has had  on our body, heart, mind and soul can we then learn gradually to craft that into something powerful. 

  • The Light School is where we learn to integrate your light and power, where we learn how to create a positive Conscious Integration of your Light Work into your daily work.  
  • By providing you with the foundation training and integration into Earth and Sacred Energies, we energise and guide you to find your own unique way to integrate, to assimilate and acclimate into the new energy and then become part of the rising tide of conscious  leaders who guide with love, light and purpose. (Real applications not fairyfloss and fluff).

 In my work of the last 20 years, I have developed a system that enables me to  interview, train, mentor and guide an elite team and their development with a close but respectful relationship that recognises that you need to get on with your own life/business/career, AND you benefit from learning more about your natural craft as you connect and work with earth energies, assimilate your innate wisdom and give rise to the new voice of the warrior/priestess within you that is ready for life to be better than you are currently experiencing.

My foundations were as a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Conscious Channel, Angel Practitioner.  I journeyed with the Ancient Ancestors and became – at their nomination,  a medicine woman in my own right.  I walked and weaved the light with the tribes of light in Australia and continue this work today in my home town of Whitianga.  I am a SpiritWalker, Starwoman and LightMaster and I come to you today to share the story and the process of ‘coming home’ to love. 

Becoming Earth Gypsy

Give rise to the calling of your heart and soul, mind and body to create connection, engage in the renaissance of love of earth and all her ways of being.  Learn to connect with Sacred Earth Energy, heal and command with light and colour, journey deep with the Ancient Ancestors and Tribes of Earth to restore balance and create harmony to your life. 


Module #1 - Leaders Briefing

Commitment to Journey

In the first chapter you will explore your own creation story, what it means to be a self led leader, design a big picture vision for the project, and develop a sacred contract with yourself based on three pillars of change. Achievement, Commitment & Trust. Only through this gate can you then move forward into the other modules.

Module #2 - Becoming Earth Warrior

Connecting with Earth

Learn how to connect with natural earth energy, a brief overview of its history, to activate healing for yourself and bring yourself into alignment with the Goddess and Source Light.  Connection is the next major step on your journey through empowerment to embodiment.

Module #3 - Dancing with Light

Communicating with Purpose

Integrate the foundations of Light work based on simple elements of Light & Colour, vibration and creation energy.

Module #4 - Working with Ancient

Ancestors Introducing the Teachers

Working with the Eagle of Nebula you will also be introduced to a number of other Light Masters for growth and development. Stepping through the Stargate gives rise to change and transformation that enables you to move into new energies and ecologies of self, to explore and develop capacity for love and new higher vibrations.
With an introduction to the Teachers and Wayfinders you learn to guide your journey, to travel and work with the Ancients and give rise to the new knowledge that you need to find for pathways and light paths to emerge and strengthen.

Module #5 - Leading with Light

Stepping into Destiny

Expand your knowledge of love, universal consciousness and give rise to the true aspects of yourself that come into being when you release the need for fear and old identities. Develop your own blueprint for your life including work and business dimensions and give rise to the awakening from within.


All modules must be completed in sequential order for your own development. They are a 5 step pathway to your own authentic light self.

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My journey

Learning to work with Tribes of Light, Goddess, Earth Mother and the Sacred Star Tribes  is a journey of self discovery, healing and of becoming your authentic light body self.

This journey began 20 plus years ago as a result of too many life experiences leaving tremendously deep scars that were not healing and the medical profession could find nothing wrong with me physically.

The journey of becoming the person I am today is wholly attributed to my commitment to the journey to heal myself and through it all, the family of light, angels. light tribes, Goddess, Earth and the Sacred Star Mother have been completely by my side. At no time in the last 20 years  have they left me.  They  have guided the journey, they have supported me every step of the way.

The Light School is a translation of that journey into a simple way to share the positive connection, the experience and the reality that when you open to nature, it will open to you and the tribes of light will come through – so you too, can heal you. With love. 


Love flows where nothing else goes. It leads you on like an ever constant star ready to listen, to heal, to hear and to share its love. All YOU  have to do, is open yourself to and allow it to move in.