Channeling is an age old craft used by the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt and numerous other civilisations to  connect, communicate and co-create with the Ancients Ancestors.

 It is a form of communication that becomes a way of life – at home and in business. It provides us with the tools and technique to improve our health, wellness, work, life, harmony and balance.


 Now more than ever we need to learn to raise our vibration, to pave the way for new knowledge that gives rise to the changes in the world that seek. To take responsibility for our own health and wellness, and the impact we are having on the world. The current and coming generations of children are wide awake, alive, attuned, demanding new ways of thinking and living to be brought into alignment.

 Change is the one things we all fear the most (other than public speaking) and we can all benefit from finding new, positive ways to create healthier better ways of thinking, living and being.

 Channeling provides a simple natural way to break from the past, to move beyond old habits and patterns – generational, genetic or gathered and shift out of the old conditions that we continue to replicate in our lives and bodies; to step forward and up into our true authentic self. It enables us to learn to embrace our own unique power to heal ourselves.


What is it? 

  • Is a skill that can be learnt.
  • It is a pathway to help you to learn to become a change catalyst in your own life and business.
  • A method for self and spiritual discovery and recovery.
  • It enables you to build a bridge to the higher consciousness, to work with Angels and Ascended Beings, Light Masters and Universal Source Energy to access knowledge, wisdom, creativity and love.
  • It provides you with the ability to change your perspective and perceptions so you learn to move beyond the boundaries of your current belief systems and anything that has occurred in your life.
  • Channeling is consciously choose to attune your vibration with a higher state of consciousness that allow you access the realities and vibrations of true love, to connect with a high level guide, spirit teachers, your higher self or Source in order to help you to emerge as your true authentic self.


 How do you use it?

  •  In business meetings to help you find new solutions.
  • In family situations to resolve issues and tension.
  • To channel healing energy through your hands, eyes and body to help others To work with earth, plants, pets and animals  
  • To help improve your creativity through art, healing, writing, or any other creative expression.
  • To connect with knowledge, wisdom, philosophy Increase insights into your relationships and career. To create movement in situations where you are feeling stuck To help guide you through change with more clarity and confidence.

You become a catalyst for positive change. As you increase your vibration and rise into higher frequencies, you learn to create change positively and proactively. You learn to discern where you want to be more clearly and you learn to trust yourself more and more. Confidence is enhanced as you step further and further into your true wisdom.


Traits of a Good Channel

 Individuals who think for themselves, independent, curious and open minded. Aware, and int touch with themselves, Enjoy learning. It takes – dedication, practice, willingness and a willingness to work with 3 core foundations: To become unconditional love, to become your own truth, and to stand in your own light and power.

 How do you know if you are ready to learn? You will more than likely start to feel restless, like there is something else you could or should be doing, a desire for more quality of life and deeper connection and conversations, yearning to be more creative, more useful, more of yourself, looking for a higher purpose or something new in your life.

 If you are curious to learn more then join me on a healing journey workshop.  Email me – for more information.