channel  artist  teacher

My work as a channel, artist and teacher enables me to reach and work with the Goddess and the Higher Realms of Light to create a better world.

I guide, connect, teach and reach deep into the power of the cosmos to deliver concepts ideas and ideologies that give rise to the a new perspective or consciousness. 

I became a conscious channel as part of my own  healing journey and  becoming a Reiki Master, Theta Healer and Angel Practitioner. From there, the world began to unfold in front of me – literally.

It opened doors to new realms of knowledge, writing, art, stories and learning to work with Light Source Energy and find love in the most unexpected places. I learnt to create connection with the trees, the world, the earth and the plant realm, to work with crystals in new ways and to find new ways to share the stories through my art and teaching work. I began to learn new ways to heal, to shift energy and to create a whole new trust in the work that evolved through the practice and commitment to working with the team that was guiding my path and development. I use it daily in my work with business & private clients to guide, develop and empower their work and lives.

I look forward to joining you in your space or mine, for a private coaching, reading/healing session or workshop and leading you into the new realms of light, love and knowledge that are available to you.

I look forward to learning more about your business, story and journey to love. Eloah be with you in in the spirit of peace and grace.