My vision has always been to work as ‘Emissary of the Light’.

To become a Starwoman, Medicine Woman, a Druidess, to become a Wise One that could shift into higher consciousness, transcend, step through the veils and Stargates, to connect and work as a teacher and knowledge sharer, to create peace and generate love on earth.

To access the  knowledge of the Higher Realms, work with the Angels, Ancients, Ancestors and the Goddess to help create change, to provide hope, insight, clarity and direction.

To heal, to balance and to shine light into the dark recesses of the human experience – to cast light into the darkness.

To paint ‘statements’ that would invoke a sense of connection to the inner spaces of soul an story and give rise to an emotional reaction. A connection with Love, A sense of place. A calling of home.


My visioning work enables me to access the energy data and information that we need to help you clear the conditions of the past and give rise to the changes you seek in life, business, or on a deeper soul level to express your own mission on earth.

My hands on healing work enables me to infuse your energy with universal light source – love.

And it is through love that the energy conditions that you have accumulated in your light body (aura) are dissolved slowly and through the different layers of your light so you are then to create the right conditions in yourself to heal and reverse the damage of your experiences, trauma and pain.

Through the dissolving and removal of the coagulation’s of energy in your light body – your earth/human body has room and energy to heal.


Visioning and healing sessions can be used for personal or professional purposes.


Bookings for private sessions via or +64 21 2579 249